18 Febbraio 2012 - Ibrahim e Aly el Minyawi in concerto !!!

18 Febbraio 2012 - Ibrahim e Aly el Minyawi in concerto !!!

Padre e figlio, la tradizione e la modernità in un appassionante concerto di percussioni egiziane a Khatawat !!!

Ibrahim el Minyawi, uno dei migliori maestri di tablah egiziana al mondo, incarna come nessun altro i ritmi tradizionali del suo Egitto. 

La sua sensibilità e la sua tecnica esecutiva lo hanno reso un virtuoso di fama mondiale del suo strumento: la tabla. Per oltre 40 anni ha suonato attraverso i migliori locali d'Europa e del Mondo Arabo.

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Sabato 18 Febbraio 2012, inizio ore 21

Ibrahim & aly el minyawi

Ibrahin el Minyawi, tabla virtuoso

ibrahim el minyawiBorn in 1940 in El Minya in Upper Egypt, Ibrahim el Minyawi embodies the traditional earthbound rhythms of his Egyptian home and masters the complex repertoire of Arabian music like no other. His sensibility and his percussion technique have made him one of the undisputed virtuosos worldwide on his instrument, the tabla. Ibrahim el Minyawi grew up with traditional Egyptian music. He belongs to the generation of musicians of Baladi Asseel. Ibrahim el Minyawi is a musician who moves effortlessly between the rural and classical music genres of his country and creates new variations of century-old traditions without losing sight of his roots.

He started his career as a young boy in his home town of El Minya, a city well known for its musical families. The talented young musician played with the old masters in almost all the villages and towns along the Nile, until he arrived in Cairo in the 1960s, the nucleus of the Arabian music and art world. Ibrahim played in the best orchestras in the country. As the situation in Egypt grew more difficult for artists, he emigrated to London in the 1980s, and has enthralled audiences throughout Europe ever since. For over 40 years, he has worked for Arabian television and radio, made numerous recordings and performed in top venues throughout Europe and the Arabian world. continua

Autobiography of the Grand Junior Master Aly el Minyawi 

This autobiography is about a boy that spent his life surrounded by the passion of music, Then went on to become one of todays most exciting and innovative male drummers to grace the music industry.  

Ali-El-Minyawi was born the child of the Grand Master of drummers Ibrahim el Minyawi. Having listened and learnt from the best in the industry he managed to do something incredible, he learnt and yet created style of his own. He has managed to craft his own individual style of music. He has managed to bring a real sense of conventional music and rhythm and yet stay loyal to his Egyptian roots and music.

It is this wonderful and all inspiring passion and ability for his music that has allowed him to travel the world and play with such artists as Shakira, Coldplay, Natacha Atlas, Nitin Sawney, Brian Eno, Juan Martin and many, many more artists from around the globe.

This strong willed and dedicated man has struggled and moulded his entire life around music. He has overcome all the hurdles that were put in his way and has become a better person for it.  Aly el Minyawi has put a lifetime worth of dedication into his music. Has had his father on hand to teach and guide him appropriately through the music industry. He has also had his Mother, who has supported and been on hand on hard times. The shear talent that has become the sensation that is Aly el Minyawi is not only a way of thanking his family for making him who he is but to all of you who listen and share his passion.

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