Stage di Bodhran con Brian Fleming

Sabato 14 e Domenica 15 Maggio 2011

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Stage di Bodhran con Brian Fleming

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Brian Fleming plays percussion from around the world, specialising in the traditional Irish percussion instruments the bodhrán and bones and West African percussion. He has recorded on some 30 albums, produced 3, played on several soundtracks for film and tv. He has played with many of the best know Irish musician and dancers, including Davy Spillane, Emer Mayock (Afro Celts), Anuna, Michael Flatly (choreographer of Riverdance and Lord of The Dance) and Kila.

From 1995 to 2009, Brian managed the Afro Irish music group De jimbe, with whom he played at festivals in Cuba, Gambia, Senegal, France, Bangladesh, Germany, New York, at the World Drum Festival, Seoul (2000, ’01,’02,’04) and at the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2002 in Korea. He has also played in every country in Western Europe, and Scandinavia, in Lithuania, Slovakia, the US, Japan, India, Thailand and Singapore.

Brian has devised, managed and directed musical and theatrical spectacles for many civic events. He is co director of the Big Bang Festival of Rhythm (Dublin, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010), bringing leading percussionists, such as Trilock Gurtu (India) and Mamady Keita (Guinea) and Bernard Purdie (US) to Ireland. 

He has worked extensively in theatre in Ireland as musical director and musician, including with the Irish national theatre;The Abbey, and with, Els Comediens (Barcelona), Macnas and Dance Theatre of Ireland. 

He is credited in the Guinness Book of World Records 2001 as one of the designers of the Millennium Drum, the world’s largest drum, built for the Millennium Drum Carnival, involving 50 performers, which he directed and which played at every major festival in Ireland in1999. The drum was also played at  Expo 2000 in Hanover, and in the Netherlands and Korea.


  • Data: Sabato 14 e Domenica 15 Maggio 2011
  • Orario: Sabato 10-13 e 15-18 / Domenica 10-13
  • Dove: Centro Culturale Khatawat
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