Workshop on demand ... You Request, We Organise ;)

We are proposing a radically new way of organising our seminars of Dance, Music and the Holistic Arts which have so enlivened this space, and our lives, with their energy and vitality and inspiration.

Put simply, the idea is to bring things together for seminars in accordance with your choices, needs and preferred timing.

This will make you, the participants, co-organisers of the particular seminars which interest you.

On this page you will find a list of proposed seminars

is organised in three steps:

  1. Reaching minimum numbers

    By inserting your data you will be added to the list of those interested in a particular seminar (without being committed in any way). Just click on "MI INTERESSA!" ("I'm interested")
  2. Dates

    Once the minimum number of participants has been reached, we will inform you by e-mail, and will also offer a selection of dates selected according to the availability of the teachers and our space at Khatawat.
  3. Activation and Payment

    When the optimum date has been decided, we will contact you again and also give information concerning payment methods, which in turn will initiate and guarantee the seminar on the days chosen by you.

We hope that you will be as enthusiastic about this project as we are. We believe passionately in the value of your participation.

Take a minute to contemplate, we really think it's worth a try.

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